Content Management Systems (CMS)

What is wrong with a traditional website built with static web pages?

Very little, if you do not plan to update the site and accept that a typical static web page displays the same information (content and layout) for all users.

They do not have the power of dynamic web pages for web based sales and marketing activities.

Maintenance problems begin when you wish to update the site with new text or pages. Unless you have the prerequisite HTML and CSS skills, it usually involves 3rd party expense to maintain and update the site.

Adding new functions such as a search option, registered user database, social website functionality or e-commerce capability can be impossible or be prohibitively expensive.

Why is it better to use a CMS based website?

A CMS website uses dynamic web pages which are updated with fresh information (content and/or layout), for each individual viewing. A good example of a dynamic web page is where customers input their address, and the page returns with directions and a map to your business  location.

Track your registered members activities: Once a visitor registers their email address on your site, a record is created for them. You can keep track of their online activities (for example, purchases, posts, responses to online polls, calls for action) and use this information for targeted email marketing and newsletters.

Track Searches of your site: If potential customers to your site frequently search for a "blue widget", then maybe you should think about stocking blue widgets.

A Content Management System (CMS) separate the design, structure, and content of the website. With this separation, the look and feel of a site can be changed with the use of a new template rather than having to tear down the site and begin again.

Easily Update Web Pages: 3rd party overheads are eliminated if you log in to your website and add/edit the web pages yourself (using a Microsoft® Word style editor).

CMS websites can be expanded, for example by adding PayPal, multimedia etc.

CMS Expansion Categories (include) Available
Ads & Affiliates tick
Calendars & Events tick
Clients tick
Communities tick
Contacts & Feedback tick
Content Sharing tick
e-Commerce tick
Financial tick
Maps & Weather tick
Multimedia tick
News Display tick
News Production tick
Photos & Images tick
Search & Indexing tick
Social Web tick